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Today's Musings: Itazura Na Kiss (Japanese Drama)
While I was writing for my first entry on Taiwan's Skip-Beat! live action adaption I had a realization concerning which was the original country to release the live action for the manga Itazura na Kiss. Contemplating this, my first thoughts were, 'of course it had to be Japan, but why do the mental images shoot straight to the Taiwanese version?' And then it hit me! I never watched the Japanese version! It was another drama released before I started watching Asian dramas. Within the last decade, I have seen quite a handful of 90's dramas, but I suppose this one never really caught my radar--until now, that this. The last couple of days I have been watching the 9 episode long series and I'm two episodes shy from having it completed.

But as the thought occurs, I just had to comment on how much I just LOVE 90's aesthetics. No joke. Particular to the medium of television. More specifically, dramas. They're hilarious, spontaneous, they can exaggerate full force, and not to mention, HOW I LOVE THE MUSIC. 90's music just has a certain spot in my soul that births spores that will attach themselves on and feed off anything affiliated with that joyous sound of the 90's. I think that's why I'm such a mostly-hardcore fan of T.M.Revolution. God love that man.

As I was watching the seventh episode of Itazura na Kiss: the sound effects, continual close-ups, somewhat obnoxious acting of Kotoko, THE INTRO, just everything is fantastically 90's. Though, I will have to admit that Kotoko Aihara's voice at times is REALLY obnoxious...because of the constant yelling/screaming/spazzing. It truly hurts the ears. DO NOT WEAR HEADPHONES. Especially because the leading male role Naoki Irie has a somewhat softer tone (at least in comparison) and the overall volume just seems to fluctuate because of this.

Last night I believe because of this I marathon'd TMR. Which, if you have not seen the Jdorama, Beautiful Life, do so. The drama can be a bit depressing at times, but it's one that I absolutely love. It stars one of my favorite Japanese male actors, Kimura Takuya, and Nishikawa Takanori (TMR) has a supporting role. ^-^

And that concludes today's musings.
Just if you're curious and want to keep your drama database up to par, the following are the live action adaptions in order by release date:
Japan: イタズラなKiss; Itazura na Kiss; Playful Kiss (1996)
Taiwan: 惡作劇之吻; Ezuoju zhi wen; It Started with a Kiss (2005) [with a sequel to follow]
South Korea: 장난스런 키스; Jangnanseureon Kiseu; Mischievous Kiss (2010) [net sequel to follow]
(Mandarin and Korean romanization credited to wiki)

Until the next musing!


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