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Closing Thoughts: Itazura na Kiss (J-Drama)
Glad that's over with.

From the beginning it seemed like it would turn out to be a decent drama and overall it was at least for the decade, but never have I received a headache from watching a drama before! Kotoko........many times I was right there with Irie wanted her to be quiet. Especially when she was cheering for him outside the examination site for Tokyo Uni. That moment, I actually covered my ears. And in the last two episodes they used too much sound reverberation.

What disappointed me the most was that Irie really had no bases, I felt, to truly love Kotoko. Normally in a series, they really develop this aspect, you know. They create incidents that truly captures the sorrowful one's desire for companionship. But here, it was sourly conveyed. Most of the series, as it really is in all the adaptions, is much of Kotoko obsessing over Irie to the point where he gives in. However in the other versions, there were more scenes that smoothed the transition of Irie's heart. Itazura na Kiss did not do this in my opinion.

In conclusion, I don't feel like it was a waste of time, but I would recommend watching the Taiwanese version over this--and even over the Korean version for that matter.

Now it's off to enjoy some unhealthy late-night eatery curtsy of my imouto.


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