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First Impressions: Ikemen Desu Ne. (J-Drama)
Coming across this was a complete shock to me. This past year although I've watched dramas off and on, I never researched as much as I did in the past, so I was not informed AT ALL that there was going to be a Japanese adaption to You're Beautiful. I really had no idea. The first thing I did after finding out was texting my good friend who use to watch the original with me while we were roommates on campus. The textual conversation went as follow: (apologies in advance if you find anything offensive)

Me: "There...there...is a Japanese version of you're beautiful!!!"
Friend: ".....WAT. WHERE."
Me: "It's called 'ikemen desu ne'. -site name- has it and so does -another site name-. It was released earlier in the fall...I had no clue. xD"
Friend: "OMG I JUST POOPED MY PANTS XDD that is so exciting..."

I was just as excited, though my bowels were functioning as normal. xD I love my friend's reaction.
My friend and myself enjoyed immensely the time we shared watching this. I think that is another reason we hold You're Beautiful in such high regards, it makes us reminisce quite a bit. Even just before school let in for this past Fall semester, we started marathoning the series again. So because of this, the conversation went as so:

Friend continuing: "...But I feel like I will be disappointed since my expectations are so high lmao"
Me: "Lol, i know. Like, I'[m] curious about the guy cast for jeremy. I'm thinking of starting it soon after I finish what I'm doing. :DDD"
Friend: "I will for sure be disappointed in anyone that isn't lee hong ki xDDD"
Me: "Hahaha, I know. But im too curious. I'll clue you in with some details once I start it. :)"
Friend: "ok :3"

While watching the first episode, I caught myself comparing too much to the Korean version. I fixed that problem and told myself, 'what if this was the original, you need to see it more clearly for what it is.' After that moment, I started to thoroughly enjoy the series! I mean, Yaotome Hikaru is no Lee Hong Ki (that my friend and I shamelessly nickname "Hunky") and I don't believe anyone could portray the role as well as he did, but I simply love this drama! And the President, even the manager, are a piece of work! Especially the President. I don't EVER think I'll forget that scene where he stood and said, "Holy Sh*t!" in English. xD Oh dear, much laughter ensued.

Currently I'm in the middle of the second episode and want to avoid for the time being lengthy entries, so I'll conclude by saying: put your biases aside if you have any and watch this drama! The cast has good chemistry and it's truly enjoyable. Watch it!

Until next time!