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Temporary Hiatus

Hello Everyone!

I realized I am really late in posting this, but I will make it official since I have no intentions of quitting this Journal.

As some of may or may not know, I will be studying abroad in Japan this coming Fall. Work in relation to this as well as my actual job has been taking up the majority of my time. So much so that I cannot even remember the last time I watched an Asian drama! So sad, I know. However, I have continued making purchases of Korean music just because I love my Korean music; however, I do not have the time currently to review anything.

After giving it some thought, I cannot guarantee when I will be posting again. So anything I have backlogged that you may be looking forward to...well...may not happen. I am sorry!

I have considered making vlogs while abroad, but I will not make any promises. I really have to situate myself first.

Take care!