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First Impressions?: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (K-drama)
Once again, I am posting a 'First Impression' piece after already getting way into the series. My bad. xD; (I be on the tenth now xD; by the way, some spoilers ahead. You've been warned. )

To begin from the beginning, I really didn't think I was going to enjoy this series. For some odd reason it took me a little bit to warm up to Cha Chi Soo played by Jung Il Woo. He seemed far too immature for my taste, and his arrogance--WHOA. I even thought at the beginning of the first episode that he was not all that great looking; however, his face grew on me after a while (although that's a terrible thing to say >_>;). Once the fact that he was a high school student became known, everything pretty much fell into place for me. I slowly began to enjoy the show and warmed up to all the characters and became hooked into the story.

Now the leading female--what a peculiar character that one is. Named Yang Eun Bi and acted out by Lee Chung Ah; this character acts as if her elevator doesn't quite reach the top floor. She's a: faithful girlfriend; tough ex-volleyball player; teacher in order to have steady income; and outside of the classroom she tends to like to talk to herself a lot and act out different scenarios in her head (not that we all don't maybe once, or twice, or a lot in our lifetime.) Her reactions are just not realistic sometimes. Which may or may not be the idea for comedy.

The third lead is my faaaaaaaaaavorite. Faaaaaaaaavoorite. FaAAAvVVvoOOrrrriiiIIitTTtteEEe. You get the point, right? I sure hope so. Choi Kang Hyeok played by LEE KI WOO! OHMAIGUUUUDH. (sorry for fangirling all over the place, guise) He is just so good looking! I love his character: pretends he doesn't care and finds a round-about way to solve everyone's problems; a lone giant who appears to have narcolepsy and when things become uninteresting and a bother--why not sleep it off? (can I do that with my philosophy exam coming up? but still get a good grade? No? Okay...) And he absolutely falls in love with Eun Bi. Like, truly. Ahh! It's so heart warming! Flower Boy Ramyun Shop has become the first drama in which my whole being desires for 'the-other-guy' to get-the-girl. Please? But oh! I probably shall not get my wish after watching the 10th episode. If you have not watched it, I will not tell. Just watch it.

As my first impressions: I didn't think I'd like the show. Further into the series, it wasn't so much that I liked it but more me being curious of what exactly will happen with this relationship where it's older woman with younger man. I realized early on it's not one of the best dramas I have seen, but it's addiiiicting. And, I just love seeing Ki Woo. xDD The story is okay, but not the best. Currently I have the series on hold because I do not agree with what happened at the end of the 10th episode. I literaled, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" at the last seen. (and yes, I know literaled isn't a real word, but I like using it. yes, I'm the cause of the growing idiocracy xD )

---side note---
Since I'm thoroughly involved with my school work this semester, I haven't been able to watch much of anything. T__T I basically do the work thing and/or the school thing every day of the week. Yes, even Saturday (classes) and Sunday (study group). So, this project I started here where I obsess over the dramas I watch might be more slow-paced than I planned--as you can tell by the lack of updates even though I said last post a bazillion years ago that I would have many write-ups soon -eh hem- 'pologies for that.

Until next post!


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