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Music Video Drivel Today : B.A.P's Warrior
B.A.P standing for Badass Animal-men who Pray on your fangirling eyes and souls.

Or something like that. And just encase you didn't get that:

No, it actually stands for Best.Absolute.Perfect and they are an attractive new South Korean group that debuted on January 26th.

The group consists of 6 member whose ages ranges from 15 to 21 (which makes them all younger than myself o_o ) Maybe I should take after Eun Bi from FBRS?? Anyway, if you haven't seen the video yet, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Get on the interwebz and do ya thang. (even so, I will place it at the end of the post if you don't feel like opening a new tab. xD)

Membas (ripped from wiki):
Bang - 21; Leader, Main Rapper
Himchan - 21; Vocalist, Rapper
Daehyun - 18; Main Vocalist
Youngjae - 18; Lead Vocalist
Jongup - 16; Vocalist, Main Dancer
Zelo - 15; Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Maknae (youngest in the group), Speed Rapper (I added that last one, hee)

My initial thoughts: WHAT. A. DEBUT. I can't wait to see Eat Your Kimchi's review on the video.
The only thing I rather didn't like was when Zelo was like, "we're goin' to rock this!". Um...okay. He is like 15 years old, and trying to be tough just really doesn't fall in his age group, but...GUH! I thought it was so lame. Are we intended to believe that he's hardcore? Because I can't. Just :10 seconds within the video you see him sucking his thumb. VHAT? I can't take any of that to be hardcore or badass. Nope.  However, as you will find out around 1:45 in the video, this same thumb-sucking dude can speed rap, son. MAJOR PROPS.

Look at Bang Yong Guk (5-6 years older than the previous) now HE screams "I AM MAN". And the raspy rapper voice? Sexy, yes? Yes.

Also, these boys CAN DANCE. Throwing, and tossing, and breakin'-it-down, and just moving every which way. They even do a bit of krump and some old school Stepping. OH! Was I excited to see that--I did a little bit of step myself back in the day. xD And still can! But never had I thought that I would see step in a South Korean music video, although I'm not sure why not since South Koreans have proven to be top-notch dancers.

So, since I was so excited about the debut, I went ahead and bought the mini-album/maxi-single to be released on YesAsia on February 2nd. And since it's YesAsia, I probably won't see my copy until March. :/ So I'm trying my best not to sample the other tracks and wait until I receive my copy. :D

The Lyrics (you can go here for romanization and translation) are kind of intense, as if, 'here we are, we can take your sh*t, we can take on the world, we understand sh*t happens, but that makes us stronger. keep going, keep strong' and a little side note that there are times where it's hard to handle what life throws at you, but deal. The lyrics really for me are a bit jumbled, but stepping back, they could really give this message.

Favorites parts of the Music Video Warrior (and I'll insert times from the video):
2. Waaaarrior (1:03)
3. Move at (1:08)
4. Get down, ge-ge-get down (1:31)
5. SPEED RAP (1:45)
6. It's STEPPIN' tiiiiME (2:45-3:19) (w/ some break dance)
7. I AM MAN (3:49)
8. Get the Maknae (4:01-4:09)


Official Website
Official Facebookusi


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