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Closing Thoughts: Extravagant Challenge (Skip Beat! Taiwan Live-Action)
I was highly critical during the first episode: I bashed the CGI, bashed the voice over (dubs), and bashed Siwon's acting. But, as time went on, I easily became captivated just as much as I was for the original anime and manga. What a fantastic show! I really enjoyed Siwon and Ivy working together; I'm so sad to see it all come to an end!

Since the original story is still continuing, I was really curious how they were going to close the drama. With the drama summing up as 15 episodes, I realized off the bat like any other live-action adaption that much would get cut out. So, I was 50-50 on the outcome: either they'll have a passionate make-out session and decide to date and combat the entertainment industry together, or, that they would continue to get a little closer without their real feelings being blatantly realized. Well, I ended up being closer with the latter. I would have to say that I like how they followed the story up to a certain point, and the final episode in closing was mostly satisfying, all things considered.

See, at the end there, Siwon's haunted past was said to be caused by being a shadow to his father's career. Okay. Still like the manga. But it felt rushed. Somehow, in the end, it still works, but it almost didn't.

I bet the fangirls were stoked when the finally got their 'romance' scene right before final curtain. I will be honest and say I wanted their relationship to show more in the drama, but hey, it's a pretty light-hearted show.

Final verdict?
Once this drama is released for US (subbed version), I hope I have money to buy it. That, and the soundtrack. I want the soundtrack so bad. xD

I'd definitely recommend this drama.


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